Decomposed Elements

Decomposed Elements

KNOW-HOW identifies the knowledge and operative skills needed to perform a given work; in this spirit and in order; in this spirit and in order to offer maximum freedom of choice to customers MAR MOBILI makes available its experience opening up to 360° to permit everyone to not have initial costs related to the design and production matrixes and technical prints as well as to avoid errors resolved with years of experience; the whole to find economy and professionalism.



It is characterized by the maximum adaptability to environments with large windows; Available with provision for single or double plate to plate, as well as with elements for application of solid panels that can be equipped.


Characterized by a metal frame of point features for leveling. The panels are applied using snap hooks, while the windows are framed on aluminum profiles. All accessories elements and arrays are designed, produced and implemented on proprietary design of Mar Mobili s.r.l.