directionalOur fast paced and diverse lifestyle allows us from time to time to reinvent our working environment, giving life to multiple solutions to dress our executive offices.
XP 40 is composed of furnishings that are both functional and versatile. The thickness and amplitude of its levels guarantee a durable and functional level of comfort.
The delicately coloured side panels of this line help to further enhance its priceless style and design. XP 40’s inspiration came from envisioning its utilization by someone youthful and dynamic.
The selection process of the raw materials bears in mind the tactical surfaces of the finished product. Both linear and geometric this line is extremely functional and serves a dual purpose, to support the desktop and to be practical containers.

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matisseThe essence of any project lies entirely in the mind of one who sets out to accomplish a specific task in their own precise way in order to satisfy a certain need.
Mar has developed, through the years, a method of approach which allows us to follow a specific work pattern essentially creating a concept of global solutions. Matisse allows the expression of this approach to the maximum level.
An ambitious project which takes shape from the accuracy and exact applications of winning concepts and expresses the very essence of the preparation, fortitude and conviction required in order to achieve great success.
A goal of high values born from the marriage of idea and principals, for those who dedicate themselves to realizing important daily objectives.