operationalThe dynamic and fresh style of the Q7 minimal line is visible even in the operational line. The lines inspiration came to the designers while attempting to create maximum cohesion in the workplace.
Creating an office becomes a game where the designs and colours combine to create a functional environment.
Space is optimized thanks to the multifunctional elements such as the service modules, which in turn multiplies in order to subdivide and organize the environment.
Fresh and soft details bring liveliness to the workplace. The actuality of the line is clearly evident in the white metal finishes which characterizes the preciousness of the line.
A youthful and bubbly series comprised of single and modular structures depending on the client’s needs. The dynamics of the system determines its style and composition. Q7 minimal line is designed to encourage dialogue.

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q5 operativoThe Geometric structure of Q5, evoked from its very name, creates a functional space geared towards collaborative efforts.
The use of shared legs allows the installation of several work stations in a small and functional work area, this is achieved by using simple essential structures to organize any operational space.
The office is rendered flexible for a team environment an open space which allows for quick and simple exchange of ideas and dialogue.
Q5 values the close working quarters of any office space. Any office environment quickly transforms to a welcoming one where simplicity and practicality witness a precise working environment.
Q5’s compositional make up lends support to and encourages a team environment, composed of light structures this series transforms to the perfect system for a stimulating and dynamic team.

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mirò e unikaThe essence of projects Miro and Unika coexist and are two in the same. Even the simplest of everyday tasks are worthy of rigorous appreciation.
Mar Mobili has always believed in projects which encourage the improvement of one’s skills and willingness to perform, this in turn becomes an asset and aides in the success of the entire team.
Our Miro and Unika program allows us to realize, in the simplest way, to meet your needs with modern design to welcome the user in the most ergonomic and comfortable manner.
Also available in a vast gamut of ergonomic designs.

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receptionA warm and impactful first impression is imperative to insure harmony with all that come into contact with the company.
Our Miro project is the ideal solution, always original and modern thanks to the various diverse elements of its makeup.
The selection of its ergonomic and soft lines from the detailed “curve” allows vast functionality and guarantees an ample and operational radius all the while insuring maximum practicality.
The reception structure is based on the same principle and design as the partitions from the Miro line.
Different details deliver a silhouette curve to the partitions, inspiring thoughts of new and diverse fantasies.