presidenzialeThe elegant, clean and light style is indicative of one who sits at the helm. The prestige is expressed in the attention to detail and selection of only the highest quality material, all this shines through in its warm and harmonious design.
The presence of coloured crystals combined with a hint of wood, renders this collection dynamic while not sacrificing its warmth.
For the leader who is charismatic and attentive, IO is an important extension of their character, IO also provides the office environment with an aura decisiveness. Both comfortable and functional IO’s essential style hits all eyes with heavy impact.
A heavy steel frame construction beneath the light shapes, allow it to be sturdy without sacrificing its design integrity. IO expresses the centrality of the person who occupies the space. IO is modular, designed and built in a wide variety of materials and chrome finishes satisfying any and all discerning tastes.

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